FOR LENGTHS [ Trailer ]


A multichannel video and sound work by SAM JURY, LUCA VEGGETTI and PAOLO ARALLA.

SAM-LUCA-PAOLO-breve from Paolo Aralla on Vimeo.

For Lengths is a collaborative project between artist Sam Jury, choreographer Luca Veggetti, and composer Paolo Aralla. The starting point was to respond to rough sketches and stage directions by Samuel Beckett. Specifically to create a filmic vessel for three interrelated states: the physical, theatrical, stage, the imaginary space of literature and the omnipotent presence of an off-stage authority. Visually the work is informed by the unifying and sparse aesthetic often encountered in Beckett, pitched against the heightened illusory space of cinema. Drawing these worlds together is a sound composition technically derived from the dynamism of the film’s movement alongside off-stage voice and instrument. For Lengths is designed to be installed as a continuous stream of image and sound. The work was conceived to be split into separate channels and sound paths in response to a particular space. This strategy is not a simple re-staging of the film into separate screens, but more a site-responsive re-choreographing and orchestration. The intent would be to create an immersive installation where the movement of the viewer through the physical space is not only led by sound and vision, it in part, reflects the abstracted narrative of the actual film. The installation may also include live elements, notable the presence of a life performer.